Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What Now?

When 5-Star Students was created, our core belief was that students involved in their school would be successful during their time on campus. After 8 years of data collection and program enhancements, we have absolute proof that engaged students are more successful than those not involved.

Originally, most educators and administrators agreed with our theory, but now that we have the proof the big question is “what now”?

To answer the question of how to get more students involved, review our “5-Point Plan” below.

Step #1: Have your students take an Interests survey, a built-in feature within 5-Star Students. This allows you to gauge student interest levels for different activities and help locate new pockets of interests. This can be a valuable tool when addressing non-involved students later.

Step #2: Collect Activities data. This step consists of entering club lists, athletics rosters, performing arts groups, etc. into the 5-Star Students program. The process will give you a great idea of your on-going student participation on campus.

Step#3: Collect Event data. Select a sampling of school events throughout the year and check-in/scan attendees to see who is involved at the spectator level. Attending events often provides a low-risk way for students to be involved on your campus.

Step #4: Ask students to take surveys about your activities and events. A great way to improve your programs is to get input. Both positive and negative data will help.

Step #5: Compare your resulting involvement data with key factors like Demographics, Attendance, GPA, Discipline, etc. This will allow you to see both positive and negative areas. You can also set bench marks for future comparisons

If you need any help getting your "5-Point Plan" started, please drop us an email. We would love to help!