Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Student App - Coming Soon!

This summer we will introduce another major enhancement to the 5-Star Students system. Our mobile app for students will give schools even more power to engage their campus around activities.

The new app, coming to both the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android), will allow students to download for free and register a phone or tablet with their school. Once registered, students can view their own data stored in 5-Star Students including:

  • Point totals
  • Participation in activities
  • Event attendance
  • Behavior occurrences

In addition, students can access eligible surveys or voting polls right from the app, making for a simple distribution process for the school. Schools will also be able to send mobile notifications through the app to those students that have opted to receive messages.

Students can also view lists of available school activities and upcoming events, right from their device. This will provide multiple opportunities for schools to promote their activities and events directly to students.

Lastly, the app will feature several options for students to "self check-in" to certain events. First, school personnel can create a temporary code for an event to allow students to check-in themselves. The other option is to utilize a proximity beacon, available from 5-Star Students. Each beacon broadcasts a Bluetooth signal that can be picked up by the app if within range. A student would be notified by the app when near a beacon, allowing them to check into an event associated with the beacon during that time.

We will be publishing more information about the Student App, including pricing and beacon options in the coming months. If you would like to be contacted directly when it's available, please drop us an email at

Welcome aboard!

This spring we welcomed 35 new schools to the 5-Star Students family!

Armand Larive Middle School (OR)
Brea Olinda High School (CA)
Cabrillo High School (CA)
California School For The Deaf (CA)
Century High School (CA)
Chino High School (CA)
Clairemont High School (CA)
Clovis High School (CA)
Concord High School (CA)
Covina High School (CA)
Elk Grove High School Agriculture (CA)
Golden Valley High School (CA)
Hermiston High School (OR)
Kea'au High School (HI)
Lindhurst High School (CA)
Lower Lake High School (CA)
Martinez Junior High School (CA)
Mayfair High School (CA)
Monterey Trail High School (CA)
Natomas High School (CA)
Northview High School (CA)
Patriot High School (CA)
R.J. Fisher Middle School (CA)
Rancho Buena Vista High School (CA)
Rocklin High School (CA)
Rolling Hills Middle School (CA)
Rubidoux High School (CA)
Sandstone Middle School (OR)
Saratoga High School (CA)
Sterling High School (IL)
Sunny Hills High School (CA)
Toppenish High School (WA)
Valley Christian High School (AZ)
Warren Township High School (IL)
West Bend High School (WI)

Congratulations Redlands High School!

Congratulations to Redlands High School on becoming our first 5-Star Students Diamond School!

Last summer, with help from some wonderful high school interns, we established a list of criteria utilizing all aspects of the 5-Star Students program to provide the best chance of increased involvement on school campuses.

  • Administer the Interests Survey
  • Use a point system for activities or events
  • Offer incentives or rewards for involvement
  • Track at least 4 different types of activities
  • Administer at least 1 voting poll
  • Administer at least 1 feedback survey for an event or activity
  • Establish school web page to promote your involvement program
  • Establish points leaderboard for individuals to access their point totals
  • Track an average of 3 school events per month
  • Track participation in at least 80% of school activities
  • More details at

"This year we have applied all areas of 5-Star on our campus and have gained a better understanding of what our student body is interested in. We have been able to take that information and develop new ways of targeting our student body so that we can provide activities that they like, contact students who are not being active on campus, reward students who participate in activities on campus and ultimately increase our school spirit and participation."
- Katie Baker, Activities Director

Redlands High School has met all our requirements and they now shine "like a diamond", a great example for other schools to follow. Congratulations to Katie Baker, Alisa Beal, Redlands ASB and the entire Redlands HS team!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Camp 5-Star in Northern California!

On April 25th we held our second Camp 5-Star event at Sheldon High School in Sacramento, CA. Over 100 students and advisors attended, representing 12 different schools.

Everyone was exposed to some new program concepts and there were plenty of great ideas shared to keep student engagement at the forefront.

Craig Grivel from Sheldon held a breakout session on things his school does with 5-Star Students to make it one of our flagship schools in northern California. Hannah Kincaid (Toby Johnson MS) and Donna McNeel (Katherine Albiani MS) led our middle school breakout and showed off their amazing use of 5-Star's survey and voting capabilities.

A big thank you to Craig and his leadership students at Sheldon HS for hosting the day and helping with setup and clean-up activities!