Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Student App - Now Available!

We are excited to announce our new mobile app for students, which gives schools even more power to engage their campus around activities.

The new app is available in the Apple App Store (iOS) and on Google Play (Android).  Students can download for free and register the app with their school.

* Note that each school must purchase the Student App option and enable their school for registration

 Once registered, students can view their own data stored in 5-Star Students including:
  • Point totals
  • Participation in activities
  • Event attendance
  • Behavior occurrences
  • Eligible surveys
  • Eligible voting polls
Students can also view lists of available school activities and upcoming events, right from their device.

School managers can post news items that will appear within the app and send mobile notifications to those students that have opted to receive messages.

These options provide multiple opportunities for schools to promote their activities and events directly to students.

The Student App also features several options for students to "self check-in" to events. The first option allows school personnel to create a temporary code for an event to allow students to check-in themselves. The second option utilizes a proximity beacon, available from 5-Star Students. Each beacon broadcasts a Bluetooth signal that can be detected by the app if within range. A student would be be able to view the associated event when near a beacon, allowing them to check into the event on their own.

More information about the Student App is available at the following locations:
Student App Overview