Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Congratulations Redlands High School!

Congratulations to Redlands High School on becoming our first 5-Star Students Diamond School!

Last summer, with help from some wonderful high school interns, we established a list of criteria utilizing all aspects of the 5-Star Students program to provide the best chance of increased involvement on school campuses.

  • Administer the Interests Survey
  • Use a point system for activities or events
  • Offer incentives or rewards for involvement
  • Track at least 4 different types of activities
  • Administer at least 1 voting poll
  • Administer at least 1 feedback survey for an event or activity
  • Establish school web page to promote your involvement program
  • Establish points leaderboard for individuals to access their point totals
  • Track an average of 3 school events per month
  • Track participation in at least 80% of school activities
  • More details at

"This year we have applied all areas of 5-Star on our campus and have gained a better understanding of what our student body is interested in. We have been able to take that information and develop new ways of targeting our student body so that we can provide activities that they like, contact students who are not being active on campus, reward students who participate in activities on campus and ultimately increase our school spirit and participation."
- Katie Baker, Activities Director

Redlands High School has met all our requirements and they now shine "like a diamond", a great example for other schools to follow. Congratulations to Katie Baker, Alisa Beal, Redlands ASB and the entire Redlands HS team!