Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Unique Activity Ideas

Gaming Tournaments

  • From Madden to Mario Cart. You have a lot of gamers on campus

Unique Speaker Series

  • Anime, WW2 Vets, Safari Slide Show, many are free

International Soccer Games

  • Imagine 1000 screaming fans in the gym or theater cheering on Arsenal


  • Made popular by the movie, students love throwing things at each other

Fashion Shows

  • Anything from Mr Mascot, Disney Princess, Nightmare before Christmas

Film Festivals

  • Let’s see that blockbuster film from Italy or Greece, or maybe a series of animated shorts

Schools Got Talent

  • Quick lunch time where students get to show off anything from singing to juggling to double dutch to calf roping

Dance Lessons

  • My theory is that there isn’t a human being on the planet that doesn’t wish they were a better dancer

Crazy Decathlon

  • Teams of 10 compete in 10 different events. Anything from running, eating a lemon, jumping rope, and any other crazy thing you can come up with

Cooking Classes

  • Teach the students how to make something delicious

Garbage Art Show

  • Artwork must be made completely out of things that have been thrown out

Car Show

  • Those that love and work on cars really love their cars

Side Walk Chalk Gallery

  • You have some amazing artist out there, let them show off

Cook Offs

  • This is an oldie but goody. From chili to pies


  • Amazing how popular this Pseudo Sport has become at the college level

Mini Plays

  • Who doesn’t want to see a five part play or sitcom acted out over 5 days 10 minutes at a time?